Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

A new start, a new blog, a blank page.

I’ve started this on an opportune week. Or, rather a week that makes sense as it is currently Mental Health Awareness week here in the UK. May 10 – 16th 2021.

The whole month of May is dedicated to Mental Health and is championed by the Mental Health Foundation. This week is dedicated to Nature. Link here. Encouraging people to head out into nature to refresh themselves and feel better mentally.

That is a good encouragement, I usually feel better with a potter around the garden after a hard session. However it also has a, I’m not sure what to call it, a stigma maybe? Going and getting some fresh air when you are mentally ill feels as good as going to have a nice cup of tea and a warm bath.

While I’m pleased and encouraged to see the discussion being opened for Mental Health, awareness is the start of the journey, not the destination.