Misfits and Mayhem

The adventures of Penn Ess’Hahvtee

In tonight’s deviation from the norm, we had a standalone adventure with Penn and their continuing misadventures in trying to stay as incognito as possible. As ever, we started in the tavern, which one you ask? No idea, it served ale and wasn’t out of it just yet. Joining Penn are the following:

Blaze Hadrian, a fire wizard, who, last session ‘died’ and revealed himself to be an ancient Changeling called IT.

Lucious, a self-important fella who had some trouble with the next member.

Bellarmy, well, that’s how you say their name. Not quite sure how to describe them. Flamboyant might be the word? Ready with a smile and a soft glance. Penn found themselves gowing quite heated in their presence.

A fun evening’s one-shot. The four of us being asked to visit a certain person, or rather, head out along the road, you know, it doesn’t matter as it was all a ruse to get the party out into the wilds. There, they met a girl who’s father had gone missing. Goblins she thought, there, in the woods. She pointed and the party headed off to find him. Penn was hoping they would get to bash in some heads, preferably goblin ones, but, not too choosy.

From the screenshot above, well, we found the goblins and much slaughtering was had **Happy Barbarian noises**