Stars and Wishes

Following on from the chat about Safety and Consent Forms, the idea of Stars and Wishes is also included in the TTRPG Toolkit and is all about feedback. You may have heard of the topic by a different name, such as roses and thorns.

I’ve been there, the creeping doubts and unkind thoughts begin to seep in. Sapping away at the confidence I have in my DM style and the story I’m telling with the players. No one likes criticism, I hate hearing feedback but I understand the necessity of it.

Stars and Wishes are essentially that idea of receiving feedback from the group.

A Star – A standout moment in the game that happened. It could be for their character or someone else in the session creating something fantastical. That event or phrase that when you look back later, you still feel the impact.

A Wish – Something that you wish for your character, or for the story, or for the group. It could be a big epic weapon. A moment with a character. A event in the story. Something that you personally would like to see happen. Now, this comes with the caveat that just like most wishes, they may not come true.

Stars and wishes gives players and DMs the opportunity to reflect and to thank each other for moments that meant something to them. It is a softer way of asking “Did you have fun?” and enables a more open discussion for the group.